Stroke Patients

Aaron WeaverDistrict Notes

The Southwest Region EMS Committee Subcommittee on Stroke provided some information at the last meeting that I wanted to pass along. The Level 1 Stroke Centers are evaluating the DAWN study for thrombectomy in certain patients up to 24 hours from LKW. For this to work, they need a little more from us:

  • Premorbid status (did the patient have deficits prior to this event)
  • Last seen normal time (very important)
  • Blood Glucose reading
  • Vital signs including a TEMPERATURE
  • RACE Scale (or NIHSS if known)
  • Witness and their contact phone number

They would prefer an 18 gauge IV in the AC space if possible.

Another note on strokes. When measuring Agnosia in the RACE Scale, just tell the patient to clap their hands.  If they can not do it, that is a positive test. A true right infarct prevents patients from planning their movement, so they may think about it but are unable to carry it out.