Our Story

The Taney County Ambulance District (TCAD) is an emergency medical service (EMS) providing exclusive ambulance transport for Taney County, Missouri. TCAD is located in southwest Missouri; 35 miles south of Springfield within the heart of the Ozark Hills. Our ambulance district encompasses 632 square miles of varying terrain and encompasses three prize-winning fishing lakes - Taneycomo, Table Rock and Bull Shoals. Taney County has a year-round population of over 56,000 residents and boasts over 8 million visitors annually. Visitors to Taney County take advantage of our countless theaters, awesome multimedia and music shows, theme parks, family entertainment, award-winning golf courses, and an endless and expanding array of restaurants.
TCAD responds to over 14,000 requests annually, and we have been providing emergency and non-emergency services to Taney County since 1976. With our fleet of 11 paramedic equipped ambulances we staff to a peak of 7 crews on duty from multiple locations around the county. TCAD also relies on paramedic fly-car units which are fast response vehicles (non-transport) which can get to a call quickly, assess the situation, and cancel incoming units or provide additional manpower at the scene. We consider ourselves very progressive and our mission reflects our culture: "We are a team of professionals taking mobile healthcare to the next level”.
TCAD uses sophisticated management tools and techniques to ensure a consistent and reliable response. We use System Status Management (SSM) whereby ambulances are constantly shifted around the county to ensure high volume areas are served just as well as low volume areas. SSM also helps us keep costs down as we strive to match call volume with just the right amount of ambulances (supply vs. demand). We monitor response times constantly. We utilize Pulse Meetings and Response Time After Action meetings on a bi-weekly basis. Pulse meetings help us discover problems before they occur and After Action meetings help us determine what happened on a particular call. TCAD reviews every call for service where the response time exceeds 9 minutes. These After Action meetings have spurred significant improvements in the system so we can ensure consistent and reliable services. All ambulances are equipped with AVL tracking and electronic patient care reporting systems. Each ambulance also has Physio-Control Life-Pak 15s which are capable of 12-lead ECG, SP02 monitoring, End Tidal CO2 monitoring, bi-phasic defibrillation, and the ability to transmit the ECG to any hospital

Our field and Med-Comm personnel are all certified in their respective areas. We keep them up to date with the latest techniques and educational needs. We utilize numerous methods of education ranging from online self-directed lessons as well as hands-on simulated scenarios. Field personnel maintain numerous certifications such as Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, and Pediatric Life Support. The Med-Comm personnel are all certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers. This education and training ensures that when you call us for help we are ready to respond.