Major Josh Single
Mail: P.O. Box 460, Branson, Mo 65615
Physical: 106 Industrial Park Dr. Hollister, MO 65672
Phone: (417) 334-6586
Fax: (417) 337-5519
Email: [email protected]
Normal business hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM M-F (CST)
In our system we run only 12-hour shifts, no 24’s. A typical 24 hours consist of a day shift with 1 captain, one lieutenant, and 13 paramedics and EMTs. At 6:30 P.M. a night shift captain comes on and oversees one lieutenant and 13 paramedics and EMTs. A captain, generally, is assigned to a Fly-car (rapid response vehicle) and is used in various capacities throughout the county.

Major Single oversees our fleet mechanic who works typical 8-hour shifts and is responsible for the reliability of all vehicles in the District which includes 12 ambulances, 5 fly-cars, and 6 utility vehicles.
Major Single also oversees our Scheduler who is responsible for ensuring all field and Med-Comm shifts are filled. The Scheduler has to fill 26 shifts every single day, 182 shifts/week, and 9464 shifts/year.

We have 5 Stations strategically placed through-out the county:
Overview of Taney County
Station 1 = 106 Industrial Park Dr., Hollister (map)
Station 2 = 303 Cedar St., Branson (map)
Station 4 = 462 Bee Creek Rd. Branson (map) (Not visible from the road)
Station 5 = 17463 State Hwy 160 Forsyth (map
Station 6 = 3020 Goldfinch Rd. Merriam Woods (map) (Not visible from the Goldfinch, but you can see it here)

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