Major Amanda Tudor
Mail: P.O. Box 460, Branson, Mo 65615
Physical: 106 Industrial Park Dr. Hollister, MO 65672
Phone: (417) 334-6586
Fax: (417) 337-5519
Email: [email protected]
Normal business hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM M-F (CST)

We are extremely proud of the fact that our communications center is accredited by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. This means that our center has completed a rigorous set of expectations that are independently evaluated and verified. All efforts are made to ensure the public we are worth your trust.

TCAD Paramedics is a proud partner of the Taney County’s E-911 system. Med-Comm provides a medically
approved, unified system to dispatch units to medical emergencies including systemized caller interrogation and pre-arrival instructions. Using this system we assist the patient through the caller. We can prompt each caller with basic instructions that can help sustain life or even help bring a new life into the world.

Our Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) manage our resources moment by moment. Using System Status Management (SSM) they are able to move EMS units to optimal locations in order to provide the quickest response regardless of the location of the next call.
Constant communication with our responding units through radio and Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) keep information current. Our EMDs can follow our responding units on their map and provide turn by turn instructions when needed.
Ongoing quality improvement assures that our EMDs are following protocol, using SSM, and continue to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care available.
The EMDs receive several hours of training before they are scheduled to become certified. Once they have received the EMD certification they return to training where the trainer and the communications major will review the progress and determine the completion of training.
Becoming an EMD is an exciting and very rewarding profession. Several of our communicators have made TCAD a home for years. If you feel you have what it takes to become a certified EMD, click on the link to the TCAD Human Resources page for possible openings.