NOTICE! CMCB Ambulance Driveway Closure

jhawkinsDistrict Notes

I have been informed CMCB will be closing a portion of the ambulance driveway beginning Wednesday September 26th and lasting until Thursday October 4th. Crews will be able to access the ER by pulling into the ambulance garage, but when leaving you will have to perform a 3-point turnaround and exit back through the entrance. From my understanding the entire exit road will be blocked off. The helicopter pad will be open if needed. Please spread the word and advise me of any difficulties.
Capt. Cardwell has successfully tested the turnaround and it works, but crew members will have to make sure a spotter is used (its a little tight). When backing up, please watch how close you are to the building! If multiple ambulances are arriving at the same time, some crews may need to use the front entrance.
Everyone please be patient with them during the construction process! We only expect this will continue for one week.