Navigator Issues – Pulse Meeting Minutes 3-26-2018

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Summary: TCAD has been experiencing significant issues with Navigator refusing to route, connection issues, and various other anomalies. Last week VN determined they knew the problem and were in the process of touching all the trucks to remedy. Over the weekend we received numerous reports all stating the same issues with the units. Chief Coontz called for PULSE meetings to get the situation handled immediately.
Meeting Minutes:

  • It was discovered that not all the trucks were updated. Trucks missed: 11, 23, 6, 4, and 8. These were the units reporting troubles all weekend.
  • Jeff asked if they coordinated with the ODSC to assist in updating all units. The captain’s have intimate knowledge of the system’s resources and will be great help. VN says no. in the future, we recommend coordinating these critical updates with the ODSC as he can manipulate the system to assure all units are fixed.
  • All the units that were written up over the weekend have been updated by RB and updated to the correct map data.
  • Pushdown’s from Dropbox have been “fixed”.
  • The system of TB storage in the sup’s office doesn’t work. If they are off they don’t get updated. Why not leave them running? Not enough space, waste of power, can’t just leave them out for security reasons.
  • Jeff suggests just calling the ODSC’s (or any of the management team) when doing updates. We can start up the stored TBs to be ready for any update and put them away when done.
  • Other deployment procedure issues:

—Crew ends shift, EMD deactivates crew, but crew doesn’t log out of TB.

—RB suggested to build a routine that automatically restarts Navigator upon restart.

—Restarts are no use if done when TB doesn’t have connectivity i.e. CMCB garage. They miss the update.

  • Notify ODSC (or management team) when you are doing updates. They can help coordinate.
  • Doing updates late in the week or over the weekend will require full IT commitment to see the job through.