Navigator Issues PULSE Meeting 3-27-2018

Darryl CoontzUncategorized

Meeting Minutes:
  • Pushdown’s from Dropbox have been “fixed”. Richard gave a summary about what that meant. The end result was that a corrupted map file got downloaded to the trucks.
  • Other deployment procedure issues:
    • Crew ends shift, EMD deactivates crew, but crew doesn’t log out of TB. RB suggested to build a routine that automatically restarts Navigator upon restart. Don’t we already use Deep Freeze which does that?  No. Deep Freeze and other like programs are not compatible with Zoll software. We need crews to log out after every shift.
  • Restarts
    • Restarts are no use if done when TB doesn’t have connectivity i.e. CMCB garage. They miss the update. We need a more deliberate approach to this. Amanda will be the lead since the comm center has communication with all players. Richard, Darryl, and Amanda will create a process for this. 
    • Richard will create a program that will always ping Drobox to see if there are new updates. When it finally finds one it will download it (when it has connectivity) and store it for when the TB gets rebooted.
  • Maps are frozen – Richard loaded maps from December. These maps have lots of issues, but it was the most stable, so we are stuck with it until we figure out how to update. The problem is that the two people who we work with who know most about the maps are blaming each other. Darryl will enlist the client services person at Zoll to get David Watt to work with us, he is the most knowledgeable. We need Watt and Eddie Tang to speak to each other to solve our corrupt map problem.
  • December map issues – Jeff displayed several maps on his navigator where the green blob overtakes to roads so you cannot read them. Richard said that is just a layer problem and he will fix it as soon as he hangs up.
  • Crews – Everyone be prepared for further map inaccuracies. Use Pulse or Google maps if you have any question as to the location of the call.