Email Spoofing


TCAD Team, I just wanted to keep you in the know of a new email threat. There is another round of false email spoofing going on. Usually it will go to your Junk email folder but not always, so beware. It may even look like it’s coming from someone in your organization or that you trust. Someone has set up a spoofing server somewhere, so it will often look legitimate in the address settings. If it even feels remotely off, please don’t open the attached file or click on links. Common SPAM Subject Lines that I have seen over the last week:

  • Subject Line: payments
  • Subject Line: Thanksgiving eCard
  • Subject Line: Invoice_476822_ICP_R300627_181115
  • Subject Line: UPS Ship Notification
  • Subject Line: Valuation Invoice No.2GA8593048

Example Email:

Good Morning,

(Look for spelling errors… dead giveaway!)

Please find attached invoice summarizing the jobs that are completed which we have not yet received a payment for.

If no costs have been incurred on any job, please confirm this via email so the job can be completed.

Thank you very much for working with our company.

(They will attempt to create a bogus email and signature that seems legit, but when you look closely the numbers aren’t even close.)