Ambulance Inventory Change

Aaron WeaverDistrict Notes

Below you will find the write up about the IV Box inventory change, information about the trash can liners, and usage of the different bags found on the trucks.

After discussion and evaluation in OSP, it was decided that there were a few changes that needed to be made to each of the three IV boxes in order to make them more user friendly. The most notable change is that the items needed to administer medications are now properly stowed in the box that is labeled “medication administration”. Sam will be distributing new inventory labels in the boxes on Tuesday, February 6th.  Please take a look at this new format and make sure to follow it when restocking IV boxes.

Sam will also be distributing small 4 gallon white trash can liners on the trucks and to the stations These liners are to be used in the trash cans that are located on the entry steps in the back of the ambulances. These liners are to be kept in cabinet 12/ bin 3 on the ambulances.

Operations has added new bags on the trucks recently that all serve specific purposes to identify items that come off of the trucks. Please take note of the purpose that each bag serves and use them accordingly. This is for you and others around you to know how to properly handle items that come off the truck safely. Red bio-hazard bags are to be used only to dispose of bio-hazardous waste and are to be disposed of in the proper bio-hazardous bins. Please only dispose non bio-hazardous trash in the step trash can. Also, remember to replace the cans on the steps with the new white liners, not the red bio-hazard bags. The blue bags are for the grey blankets when they have become soiled.  The bags labeled “patient belongings” are for patient items that need to go with them. Thank you for doing your part to maintain and safe work environment for yourself and those around you.