Ground Operations

We maintain a fleet of 11 frontline ambulances stationed at four permanent stations and multiple staging posts throughout the county. Our ambulances are equipped with some of the most advanced medical equipment available to the prehospital setting. Our ambulances all have Mobile Data Terminals, which provide wireless communication with our state of the art dispatch center. Each ambulance also has global positioning satellite devices that track the ambulance no matter where they go. We use GPS to provide the quickest, most efficient response for every emergency.


We have 6 Stations strategically placed through-out the county:
Post 1 = 106 Industrial Park Dr., Hollister (map)
Post 2 = 303 Cedar St., Branson (map)
Post 3 = 15030 US Hwy. 160, Forsyth (map)
Post 4 = 576 Hwy. 248, Branson (map) (not visible from the road)
Post 5 = 245 Alex Rd. Kissee Mills (map)
Post 6 = 3020 Goldfinch Rd. Merriam Woods (map) (Not visible from the road)